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Slick Gorilla Hair Products

Here at Blak Bear, Selby, we proudly stock and use only the very best hair styling products available in the industry, including the highly renowned and UK independent brand, Slick Gorilla. Originating back in 2016, Slick Gorilla began their enterprise across the barbershops of Leeds with one goal in mind: to help others to embrace their individuality and wear it with confidence. Fast forward to today, and Slick Gorilla is used by hair care professionals all over the world.

The quality of Slick Gorilla’s products speak for themselves, which is why we not only use Slick Gorilla products for our high-end barbering services, but also sell them in store to the general public, so your new cut stays looking fresh even after you leave our barbershop. We stock a variety of Slick Gorilla products, including their extremely popular Hair Styling Powder and Clay Pomade, all for an extremely affordable price.


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